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Terms & Conditions

Telephone support costs $1.00 per minute with a minimum cost of $30.00plus gst . In other words , the minimum cost is $30.00 plus gst and the call duration is for a maximum of 30 minutes. Eg if your call lasts 15 minutes you will still be liable to pay the call cost of $30.00 plus gst no calls can exceed 30 minutes in duration. Law on call (‘loc’) does not provide legal advice through this service. Law on call only provides legal information through this service to individuals over 16 years of age. Loc reserves the right to refuse to give assistance through this service in its sole discretion. The recipient of the legal information provided or to be provided warrants that it is a natural person, that it has not, does not and will not rely on any information or communications received through this service for any legal or non legal matte or purpose . The recipient warrants that before taking any step or action in any matter, that they will seek or obtain legal advice from a lawyer in their state or territory in addition to the information they may have received through this service. The assistance that may be provided to the recipient will be at a cost of $1.00 per minute plus gst . Payment for the telephone inquiry service is to be made upfront or via secured funds . The recipient warrants that they can speak english to an advanced level. Payment is to be made through Paypal.

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